Crush Tester Model 1210

Product Introduction

The Model 1210 quickly and reliably captures test results, stores data and groups it for statistical analysis and allows averaging, standard deviation, histograms, and control charts.

The Model 1210 Crush Tester is a robust, rigid support, single column type compression tester designed to determine the compressive strength of paper and corrugated board.

The Model 1210 offers fixed parameter tests to perform standardized TAPPI testing for ECT – PAT – FCT – RCT – CMT and CFC. 
Windows XP Operating System
Color 8" x 5" LCD flat panel monitor for easy viewing
Data management is easy. Users can create their own specific identification numbers and view data at any time. Stored data can be re-displayed or printed as a table, histogram, or a control chart
Platen opening limits are adjustable by user
Select specific fixed parameter TAPPI specified tests (ECT, PAT, FCT, RCT, CMT, and CFC), eliminating operator error PLUS User-definable tests: Peak at Fallback, Peak at Deflection, and Force at Deflection
When test stops the platen moves up automatically. There are two positioning speeds: fast and slow
Scaled output converts measured force values to the appropriate TAPPI report units
Automatic Zero
RS-232 output data that can be used in a third party software, such as Microsoft Office/Excel
Built in software load cell protection and adjustable platen positioning for fixture and machine protection
USB pen drive, calibration restoration, and updates can be installed easily and used to back up data
Calibration: Force, resolution, and speed are password protected but can be changed easily in the software calibration section of the program which allows on-site calibration service
Precise flatness and parallelism is held within .0005”
Units available in Empirical or metric
Calibration Test Certificate provided per ASTM E 74
Operation Manual
Equipment is calibrated and meets the NIST and the ISO 17025 requirements. A Certificate of Calibration stating traceability is provided with each piece of equipment.
Capacity 0 - 1000 lbs
Platen Size 6" x 6" x 3.125"
Platen Speed 0 to 2 in/min
Rupture Sensitivity 0 to 99%
Accuracy .15% of reading or .05% of full scale
Dimensions 16" x 18" x 24"
Weight 120 lbs
Electrical 1 phase 120V-240V/60Hz
Safety Features
Rapid travel load applied : motor stops when 10LBS applied while platen closing at rapid speed
Force and Deflection user limits
Absolute force machine limit
Watchdog failure kills motion
Database verification and automatic rebuild and cleanup prevents corrupt data from creating unsafe conditions
Physical Limit Rod travel limits
Encrypted registry entries prevent machine tampering that may cause unsafe conditions
Extensive machine guarding for safe operations
Enhanced fault detection and monitoring
Statistical Results
On screen and printed CONTROL CHART
On screen and printed HISTOGRAM
On screen and printed Statistical Report (text)
Statistical grouping by TEST TYPE + user defined IDENT NUMBER
Database backup for off-machine use
Test charting per test created automatically when USB pen drive attached for detailed test analysis of force vs. deflection curves
RS232 data logging for external data collection and analysis packages such as ASI DataMytez
ECT Holding Fixture
Ring Crush Test Fixtures
Flat Crush Test Fixture
A, B, C, & E Flute Pin Adhesion Fixtures, Selective
A, B, C, & E Flute Pin Adhesion Fixtures, Non-selective
Custom Spaced Pins Made to Order